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Moisture and Thickness Monitoring Products

CHINO Corporation is a manufacturer of industrial process instruments, sensors and control equipment for measuring and controlling temperature, moisture, thickness and humidity. CHINO is known throughout the world as an innovator and provider of quality instruments for over 60 years. Instruments include temperature sensors, recorders, infrared thermometers, controllers, systems and other accessories. CHINO can be your supplier for all your measurement and control needs.

Moisture Measurement For:
• 200 Proof Ethanol • Dried Distiller's Grains (DDG)
• Wheat Flour / Milk Powder • Incinerator Ash
• Cement Raw Clay • Measurement / Sugar Production
• Wet Pet Food / Feed Stock • Dry Pet Food / Feed Stock
• Paper • Particle Board Chips
• Raw Material for Sintering • Cleaning solution

IR-M1000 Series Infrared Moisture Meters

For Bulk Material Handling

The IR-M1000 Series are reflection system on-line moisture meters utilizing the infrared absorption of moisture. Converting capabilities are built into the compact designed detector unit for easy installation and operation. Maximum 99 calibration curves can be stored into memory for many applications. The unit can be used by itself or by combining with personal computers as an analog output and a communication function are provided with. A setting display unit connectable with maximum 9 detector units can set various kinds of setting items of the detector unit and displays moisture value.


IM Series Infrared Multi-Analyzer

For Measuring Coating Thickness

The IM series is an on-line multi IR wavelength analyzer utilizing infrared absorption technology for measuring product constituent and/or thickness. Signal processing capabilities are built into the compact, Stand-Alone detector unit for easy installation and operation. A maximum of 99 calibration curves can be stored into the detector memory for numerous measurement applications. The detector can be used by itself or connected to a PC/plant control system, as both analog and digital outputs are provided. A remote setting display unit, connectable up to 9 detector units, can be used to set various detecting parameters and also displays measured values.

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