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IR-CA Series


Chino IR-FA Series

TPL thermal imaging sensor

TPL Thermal Imaging Sensor

IRH series

IRH Series handheld type

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IR-TA Series handheld type


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Temperature Measurement Products

Manufacturer of Non-Contact Infrared Pyrometers and Thermometers

CHINO Corporation is a manufacturer of industrial process instruments, sensors and control equipment for measuring and controlling temperature, moisture, thickness and humidity. CHINO is known throughout the world as an innovator and provider of quality instruments for over 60 years. Instruments include temperature sensors, recorders, infrared thermometers, controllers, systems and other accessories. CHINO can be your supplier for all your measurement and control needs.

CHINO Works America Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of CHINO Corporation and was incorporated in the USA, in 1983. CHINO Works America (CWA) has been providing Application Assistance, Customer Support and Service, of products manufactured by CHINO Corporation, for over 20 years in North and South America. In addition, CWA provides Sales and Marketing functions for their customers, representatives and distributors. CWA also stocks certain instruments, spare parts and consumable items.

IR-CA Series High-speed Compact Infrared Thermometers

The IR-CA series is a non-contact and high-speed (3ms) compact radiation thermometer covering medium and high temperature range by using the detecting element of InGaAs or Si. The thermometer with converting function has a digital display of temperature, parameter setting keys, and a direct viewfinder. The thermometer can be placed at any place due to a large distance factor.


IR-FA Series Fiber Optic Radiation Thermometer

The IR-FA series is a fiber optic radiation thermometer featuring multi-function and high-speed response. Three types, single-color type for low temperature, single-color type for medium/high temperature and two-color type, are available. Parameter setting function, signal modulation and analog output are built in. Various options including lens assembly with finder, laser-spotting function, analog input and communications interface are available.



Alarms, Ramp/Soak Temperature Process controls, Set Point Programmers, and Data Loggers.

db600     programmer    screen    
Ramp/Soak Temp. Controllers Set Point Programmer Graphic Recorders/Data Loggers  

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