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Induction Heating Equipment

“Heating Induction Services, Inc. designs and manufactures equipment with common sense as the rule, not the exception.”

Heating Induction Services, Inc. (HIS) is a leading manufacturer of IGBT and SCR based current and voltage source induction heating power supplies, turn-key material handling systems,induction coils, complete system controls packages and water systems. All HIS products are manufactured at their facility in Clinton Township, Michigan. With a complete staff of experienced electrical and mechanical engineers, Heating Induction Services, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to design a custom induction solution for you. Heating Induction Services, Inc. has pushed the standard of excellence and customer satisfaction for over 35 years.

With our extensive experience we can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your induction heating process and reduce operating costs through design innovations.

HIS has systems installed and supported in the USA, Canada, Mexico and around the world.

ultra match power supply

The new Ultra-Match III power supply features a digital operators panel with voltage, kilowatt, frequency meters and full faults indicators

Power Supplies for Every Industry and Application

• Aerospace Components • Oil and Gas
• Automotive Components • Paint Curing & Bonding
• Forging and Forming • Pipe and Tube
• Gear Hardening • Quench and Temper
• Hand Tools • Seam Annealing
• Heat Treating • Semi-Conductor
• Heavy Industrial Equipment • Shrink Fit Applications
• Lift and Rotate Machinery • Single Shot Case Hardening
• Marine Industry • Strip and Bar End Heating
• Melting Systems • Tube Coating
• Fastener Manufacturing • Vertical Scanners
• Off Road Vehicles

Induction heating is quick and clean. The part or material to be heated is placed inside an induction-heating coil. The heating coil design depends on the geometry of the part and the desired heating pattern. Let our experts assist you in determining the optimum coil design, power level and operating frequency for your precision heating application.

RF Power Supplies

Heating Induction Services Inc. builds robust systems designed to operate in very demanding industrial environments. All HIS equipment is rated for 100% duty cycle at 24/7 facility operation. HIS offers power supplies with deliverable output power from 1 Kilowatt to over 2 Megawatt and frequencies that will tune from 80 Hz – 80 kHz. Standard features include:

Mini-Match II - an IGBT based, high frequency, portable induction heating machine. Available in power levels ranging from 1 kW to 10 kW and frequencies ranging from 40 kHz to 80 kHz. Available in bench or wall mount versions with or without remote heat stations.

Ultra-Match 1 - a current source, IGBT based design. Available in power levels ranging from 10 kW to 50 kW and frequencies ranging from 40 kHz to 80 kHz. Common applications include Brazing / Bonding / Heading / Threading.

Ultra-Match II - Voltage Source Design, Parallel Tune Circuit. Available in power levels ranging from 50 kW to 300 kW and frequencies ranging from 1 kHz to 80 kHz nominal. Common applications include Curing / Bonding / Forging / Heat Treating.

Ultra-Match III - Current Source, IGBT Design/Variable Frequency. Available in power levels ranging from 50 kW to 2000 kW and frequencies ranging from 80 Hz to 50 kHz. Common applications include Forging / Melting / Heat Treating / Pipe & Tube.

Auto -Match 1 - a current source, SCR based, low and medium frequency induction heating machine. Available in power levels ranging from 100 kW to 3 MW and frequencies ranging from 80 Hz to 3 kHz.

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