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Prevex Flammability Analyzer


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SNR 650 Flame Ionization Detector

Gas Detection and Solvent Vapor Monitoring Products

For more than thirty years Control Instruments Corporation has dedicated their expertise to the industrial community, providing safe and efficient environments for companies worldwide. Control Instruments engineers and manufactures high quality solutions to both simple and complex gas detection problems, leaving your facility, employees, and environment safe and secure.

These highly successful gas detection systems are the industry standard for lower flammable limit (LFL) and total hydrocarbon monitoring, and are installed and used under the most demanding conditions, from printing, coating, and flexible packaging processes to semiconductor, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers. The Control Instruments family of gas detection products includes continuous process analyzers, flammable gas monitors, oxygen monitors, and remote access and control devices for all of your gas detection and solvent vapor monitoring needs.

Prevex Process Monitoring

For Process with Multiple Solvents

Our process analyzers are designed and manufactured specifically for industrial use. They are recognized worldwide as the most reliable and accurate systems for measuring hazardous gases and vapors. These systems solve all the sampling, measuring and reporting problems found in industrial process applications, LFL sensors for measuring flammable gases, vapors, mixtures of multiple solvents, in low oxygen, elevated temperatures, and inert atmospheres.

FID Emission Monitoring

For Parts per Million Applications

For monitoring hydrocarbon destructive systems, solvent recovery breakthrough, waste incinerators, and other VOC applications. Our Flame Ionization detectors are industrial-grade analyzers used to measure the emissions of total hydrocarbons/ VOC's in the parts-per-million range. The high temperature Model 650 mounts directly onto the process ductwork, eliminating sample handling problems and resulting in fast and easy installation, low maintenance, less downtime and very fast total system response time.

SmartMaxSmartMax II Area Monitoring

Four Sensors per Display

For measuring flammable and toxic gases, as well as oxygen, indoors and outdoors, we offer catalytic and electrochemical systems that offer unsurpassed reliability in the most cost-effective package. For measuring flammable gases, oxygen, or toxic gases, including: CO, CL2, H2, H2S, SO2, NO2, NH3, ETO.

Remote Access and Control

interfaceOur touch screen operator interface is designed for viewing, accessing, and controlling multiple remote sensors from a convenient central location.

The interface, allows the operator to view, access, and control multiple remote analyzers from a convenient, central location. It is a panel-mounted, multi-page interface device, with touch-sensitive graphics for easy operation. It allows an operator to acknowledge and reset alarms, and through password protection, calibrate, read and adjust the settings of each analyzer. The information is presented in easy-to-read formats on a backlit liquid crystal display. A number of PrevEx Flammability Analyzers can be connected.

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